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There is nothing like a wedding. This singular event reunites friends and brings families together in a single evening of splendor. You spend years of your life planning this special day. At Caleb Dillon Photographers, we capture these precious moments so you can experience them to their fullest in the moment they happen.

Live in the moment. We’ll help you relive them for years to come in all of their grandeur.


My interest in photography began in high school.  Back then we shot on real film, and used darkrooms to develop photos!  From there my education expanded to include videography and in 2002 I graduated from the  University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem with a degree in filmmaking.


After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and pursued filmmaking actively for several years, working on Hollywood films for companies like HBO and Warner Brothers.

After returning from Los Angeles, I relocated to Raleigh (where I met the love of my life, Natasha) and began actively working on short films and commercials in the local area. In 2014, I directed my first feature film, In The Pines, which is set to premier at the Eastern North Carolina Film Festival in 2015.


What makes Caleb Dillon Photographers truly different is that every member of our staff is also a filmmaker! Let us turn your big day or big break into a red carpet event where you are the star! Filmmakers tell the best stories with pictures. Let us tell yours.

See you on set,
Caleb Dillon

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